A VIP’s first

It was really a shocking and exciting news for Β me and my mom when we saw that Big Bang is going here in Singapore for a fan-meeting (yep you read it right, my mom is a Kpop fan too! You can read more about it on the About Me section!). Actually, initially we thought it’s a concert, but then after reading some posts and comments, we have confirmed that it is a fan-meeting consist of games and them performing. The ticket price was no joke, of course they’re Big Bang. And it was really fast! We originally planned to buy CAT 1, but damn, it was already sold out, even if we waited for the exact time the selling would be opened. So we ended up having the CAT 2. We patiently waited for that big day! But sadly, TOP isn’t coming. Too bad my mom said TOP is really handsome, but good thing she said her attention won’t be split this time and she can only focus to GD haha. This is my first seeing them, and my first time seeing Korean idols. My mom saw them already, lucky her, during F1 and Music Wave.

October 2 came finally! I was actually anxious because the nature of my work is like on-call so I was really praying hard that everything would be fine that day, so I can enjoy the moment. We went to Kallang Stadium early and wow, the queue was long already. And it was scorching hot that day! We bought some refreshments first and went to queue for the merchandise. Of course, light-stick is a must! I must say, VIP’s light-stick is really pretty! The phone-ring ran out of stock so I only managed to buy light-stick as the other merchandise are expensive T-T

Photo taking is a must! Please excuse my fatness here.

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And the queue going inside starts. It was tiring to stand for that long, but nevermind, it’s Big Bang we’re seeing! After one hour, we finally went in!


Heol, it was packed! As in packed! The front pitΒ was really crowded, but yeah my mom already told me that Big Bang can fill up the whole Stadium. Okay so we waited until everybody is inside. Everytime it’s GD’s CF, everybody will shout, or if they play BB’s songs to hype the crowd, everyone would sing, and it was fantastic. And oh my, it was so pretty when they turned off the lights and our light-sticks were shining throughout the Stadium. And here it is! Finally it’s starting and they’re coming out!


It’s really sad that TOP wasn’t able to come 😦 But nevertheless the 4 members who came made us feel like they were complete. So it started with their self-introduction. Taeyang said he missed chili crab. I really love it when the 4 of them were all talking in English (though of course they were speaking in Korean too). But I noticed that GD was a bit off? or sort of, like his expression was just plain. Next off was the game, they picked out the participants of the game and after that they played Ping Pong while waiting for the participants to come to the stage.

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(I have the whole video of their ping pong game, but I won’t be uploading it here as it will occupy too much space. So here’s the link for the video! ^^)

And here were the lucky fans! Huhu they were able to hug the boys 😦

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I can’t remember what were the fans’ answers when they were asked who was their rank 1 to 5 among the members, but mostly GD was in the rank 1, and sadly Daesung/Seungri was in the last rank. So here they go with the game!!

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After this game, they signed a stuff toy each for their partner and had photo with them. Their partners are really really lucky!! Funny moment: Daesung kissed the stuffed toy of her partner and the ink marker stuck on his nose haha πŸ˜‚. Our sweet GD wiped it off 😍 The winner of the game, which is Seungri’s partner hadthe chance to have a photo with the OT4 (OT5 including TOP’s standee) 😍 Lucky girl indeed!

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After the fun game, another game went on. I forgot what it’s called but it’s something to do with fashion. They will pick 3 contestants I think who slayed wearing a costume (I think this is a contest done before the event). They will be voting who among the nominees slayed. And the winner is a girl who imitated Daesung during the sock game on Running Man. It was really hilarious guys GD really laughed hard hahaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And the prize is a photo with the OT 4! Mind you, the winner really looked like Daesung’s sister πŸ˜‚

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After the fun games, it’s time for performance! I wasn’t able to take photos during the songs because they move a lot. But I do have a video! I’ll be uploading them on my Youtube soon! Down to one last song, the OT4 said their thank you messages for Singapore VIPS. I can’t believe it. That’s the first time I’ve ever felt that 3 hour has gone too fast. Time indeed flies when you are having fun.

And now, 4 of them are inside the military already. One is going inside soon as well. I do hope that the next time I’ll be seeing them, I will see them complete. Surely, I will see them as OT5! πŸ’ž

Fun fact: I met a friend during the fan-meeting here! I hope I can go with her again the next time Big Bang goes here to Singapore πŸ’ž

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